NosiLife and Solarshield

Craghoppers strive to create features and fabrics to make life a bit more comfortable and a little bit easier. Two of them are of special interest to travellers, NosiLife clothing features a powerful and permenant insect repellent, proven and designed to provide up to 90% protection from biting insects. Solarshield fabric will protect skin underneath clothing from the suns harmful rays with its excellent UPF40+ properties.


NosiLife Clothing

What is NosiLife clothing?
NosiLife clothing is treated with a permanent insect repellent that is proven to provide up to 90% protection from mosquitoes and other biting insects.

How does it work on clothing?
NosiLife is completely safe to mammals but toxic to all insects. As soon as they touch the fabric insects will begin to absorb the repellent and will be repelled or risk being killed by the treatment.

How long does it last?
NosiLife is permanent.

Will ironing the clothing affect the treatment?

Does the treatment affect the wicking performance of the fabric?

NosiLife fabric test resultsIs it safe?
The active ingredients used are non-toxic and are classed as non-irritants. Insecticides from the same group of chemicals are used for pest control in kitchens, on food crops, pets and garden plants. The system was originally used world-wide in hospitals and bedding products as protection against dust mites.

What are the active ingredients?
The insect-repellent is a pyrethroid, similar to permethrin and a synthetic version of pyrethrins which come from Chrysanthemums. The antimicrobial effect comes from a biocide that is often used in hand wash and other skin care products.

Why NosiLife?
Getting the benefit of NosiLife clothing is as easy as getting dressed. You get very effective protection from insect bites and stings by using NosiLife clothing in conjunction with a good insect repellent on exposed skin. Nosilife also repels more than just mosquitoes, it's very effective against midges, ticks and even leeches. NosiLife also helps minimise your reliance on toxic insect repellents, like DEET, that are absorbed through the skin and which are not recommended for use by pregnant women and children.

What diseases does NosiLife help prevent?
Biting insects are responsible for some of the worlds most deadly diseases including Malaria, Plague, Dengue Fever, Sleeping Sickness, Typhus, Yellow Fever and many others. Preventing the insect bites, prevents you catching the disease. Besides the risk of major diseases, insect bites cause discomfort, irritation and can leave spots and sores that open to further infection.

Anti-microbial benefits
Another benefit of NosiLife for travellers, wherever they are going, is because it also has an anti-microbial effect that reduces body odour, extends the time the clothing can be worn between washes and reduces the risk of skin infection.


SolarShield-logoSolarshield Clothing

What is Solarshield Clothing?
Solarshield clothing is Craghoppers name for its range of Sun Protective clothing. All Solarshield fabrics have been tested and give you UPF40+ protection.

The Ultraviolet Protection Factor of a garment is the level of protection it gives against harmful UVa and UVb radiation. UPF's are calculated by measuring the amount of harmful UV Radiation that passes through the fabric.

How long does it last?
Solarshield fabrics do not depend on any wash in chemical treatments for their characteristics. Therefore the protection is permanent and can be depended upon at all times.

How does it work?
Sun protection is given by a combination of 3 things, the density of the fabric construction, the type of yarns used and its colour.