Tilley Boxer Briefs Mens

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Tilley's best selling men's underwear. So comfortable to wear, keep you cooler and drier than everyday cotton briefs. If you're hiking they wick away perspiration yet in winter they actually keep you warm! Stay fresher, longer: odour and bacteria resistant. Easy to wash and quick drying.

Who should use it - and why
Ideal for travelling and adventures. Practical and hard wearing, a couple of pairs of Boxer Briefs from Tilley will last you round the world.
Colour Grey
  • Stain, odour and bacteria resistant fabric
  • Dries fast - wash at night, it's dry in the morning
  • Wicking action speeds moisture away.
  • Lightweight and long-wearing - it keeps its shape and appearance
  • Secret pocket - sorry guys, we tried
  • Made from 100% polyester

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