Lifesystems No Bites Saver Set

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Three essential Lifesystems items to help ensure a holiday unspoilt by pesky insects!  A mosquito net to help you sleep soundly at night, insect repellent to protect you through the day and finally something to soothe away the itch if they do manage to penetrate these defences.

Set includes:

MicroNet Single Mosquito Net: A lightweight and compact, wedge-shaped mosquito net suitable for use on a single bed (or over a camp bed or mattress). Easy to use with a single hanging point and comes in a tough, ripstop carry bag for protection. Simple but effective. The net is pre-treated with Lifesystems EX8 anti-mosquito treatment for extra protection from biting insects.

Expedition 50 Plus Spray: Dual action insect repellent combining highly effective DEET (50%) plus the insecticidal properties of natural pyrethroids to stop insects that land on your skin from biting. Protection for up to 10 hours. 100ml pump spray.

Bite Relief Click: Instant relief from insect bites or stings. Too good to be true? No! We've tested this wonderful gadget on ourselves and on a variety of insect victims - it really does work. Click over the affected area several times until symptoms ease, can be used every few hours, non-allergic formula, no chemicals and safe for children of all ages too! The tiny piezo-electric shock stops itching and reduces swelling. No expiry date! No battery required! Tiny enough to carry in a pocket or purse and comes with cord attachment for carrying. Treats over 1000 bites effectively! (Not recommended for epileptic patients or those wearing a heart pacemaker).

Lifesystems No Bites Saver Set
  • MicroNet Single Bed Mosquito Net:
  • Exceeds WHO netting spec. with 196 holes per square inch
  • Spreader bar included
  • EX8 anti-mosquito treated
  • Treatment life is approximately 2 years or 35 washes
  • Weighs less than 260g
  • Packs into a small stuff bag (supplied)
  • Size (approx): 210L x 160H x 100W cm
  • Expedition 50 Plus Insect Repellent Spray:
  • 50% DEET
  • Approximately 10 hours protection
  • Robust metal container
  • Natural oils prevent insects biting
  • Size: 100ml
  • Bite Relief Click:
  • Instant insect bite treatment
  • Reduces swelling and stops itching
  • No batteries required
  • Treats over 1000 bites

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