Pop & Go Knickers Bikini Briefs 2 Pack

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Change your knickers without having to take off your trousers or tights. Pop and Go knickers are cleverly designed, they offer hygiene and comfort and can be changed in just 40 seconds - great for women on the go. Ideal if you're on a long journey or at a camp site where the ladies loos are not quite as clean as you would hope for. Changing a pair of Pop & Go knickers means you're not having to worry about keeping clean clothes off a dirty floor and balancing clothes in one hand whilst changing with the other. The Bikini style is fashionable and comfortable with secure and easy to use slim-line clasp fasteners. Made from a Dri-Release microblend performance fabric to wick away perspiration and with FreshGuard to keep them odour free for longer. Sold as a pack of two - one to wear and one to change into.

Pop & Go
Who should use it - and why
All fashion conscious women will love these easy to change Pop & Go undies.
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  • Dri-Release microblend performance fabric - removes perspiration fast
  • FreshGuard prevents odour
  • Easy to wash and fast drying
  • Dries four times faster than cotton
  • Won't shrink or lose shape
  • Natural cotton carry pouch included

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