Petzl Via Ferrata Kit

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This Petzl Via Ferrata Kit includes all the essentials: helmet, shock absorbing lanyard and two special via ferrata karabiners. The Petzl Via Ferrata Kit is an ideal way to save money for those starting out and needing a full set of gear. Alternatively it's a cost effective way for experienced via ferrata climbers to replace old kit and benefit from the additional comfort and safety, and reduced weight, of modern gear. The Petzl Pandion Harness is simple to use and quick and easy to adjust. It's lightweight to carry and comfortable to wear. The single side gear loop and single tie-in point keeps everything simple and reduces the clutter and risk of mistakes. The Scorpio Shock Absorbing Lanyard attaches to the harness without extra hardwear and is elasticated to reduce snagging and the danger of tripping. An extra short central anchor point is incorporated which is especially handy for resting and tyrolean traverses. Two Vertigo Wire Lock Karabiners specially designed for via ferrata have wide gate opening (for clipping over cables and rungs) and can be operated one handed. The Elios Helmet is extremely tought yet lightweight and very easy to adjust. It fits securely and is very comfortable to wear. It incorporates headlamp clips and adjustable side release chin strap.

Who should use it - and why
Ideal for anyone planning on doing via ferrata and wanting good quality gear that is reliable, lightweight and comfortable.
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Pandion Harness

  • One size fits all.
  • Colour coded so that putting it on correctly is easy.
  • Quick and easy adjustment for fit and when changing clothing layers.
  • Single front tie-in point removes confusion and avoids mistakes.
  • Flexible equipment loop stays out of the way while wearing a pack.
  • Lightweight 400g makes it easy to wear or carry.
  • 3-year guarantee.

Scorpio Lanyard + (2) Vertigo Karabiners

  • Compact energy absorbing safety system that is easy to inspect.
  • Complete with special Vertigo karabiners designed for via ferrata.
  • Elasticated lanyards don't get tangled or trip you.
  • Includes an extra, short attachment point. Really handy for resting and tyrolean traverses (needs additional karabiner).
  • Weight: 504g (inc. 2 karabiners).

Elios Helmet

  • Adjustment wheel corrects fit even while the helmet is being worn.
  • 4 headlamp clips enable a headlamp to be quickly secured.
  • Low profile and adjustable vent for greater comfort in hot weather.
  • Durable and lightweight ABS shell with shock absorbing foam liner.
  • Weight is a light and comfortable. size 1: 280g, size 2: 305g
  • 3-year guarantee.