Tilley VOMP Safari Vest

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Probably the most methodically designed and carefully constructed vest in the world. Made from Tilley AdventureCloth and GUARANTEED FOR LIFE never to wear out. Beloved of professionals; photographers, bush pilots, expedition leaders, and ordinary mortals too. The VOMP boasts 16 pockets held closed by either Velcro or zips to make sure nothing falls out. You just have to remember which pocket you put things in....

Who should use it - and why
This is a brilliant hardwearing vest from Tilley. Perfect for fishing, walking, safari, travelling, camping and much more.
Tilley VOMP, Khaki, Small
  • Four zipper-closed pockets on outside front
  • Two Velcro®-closed, bellowed patch pockets on upper outside
  • Two Velcro®-closed, gussetted and bellowed patch pockets on lower outside
  • Two hand warming pockets on lower outside
  • One large Velcro®-closed, gussetted pocket on backside
  • One deep, Velcro®-closed pocket on upper inside
  • One partitioned patch pocket on upper inside
  • Two Velcro®-closed patch pockets with elastic cuffs on lower inside
  • One Velcro®-closed pocket on inside back
  • Two Velcro®-sealed slits on outside back pocket
  • Hidden, Velcro®-closed hood in zippered collar pocket
  • Shoulder-to-yoke padding for comfortable hauling
  • Four welded-shut, stainless steel D-rings for multiple attachments
  • Two Velcro-sealed epaulettes for comfortable securing gear straps
  • Adjustable side-buckles for comfort and fit
  • Mesh panel on upper back for ventilation
  • Guaranteed for life never to wear out

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