Body Cooling Neck Wrap

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The Body Cooling Neck Wrap is perfect for hot summer days and safari holidays. It is filled with gel crystals that when activated can keep you cool for up to 3 days! Activation is simple - just place your neck wrap in cold water for 30 minutes, let the excess water drip off, then tie it round your neck (or wear as a headband if you prefer). The wrap will soon feel dry but will still keep you cool. If the wrap warms up simply rotate it putting the outside against your skin. The crystals work by storing the water which then evaporates off your warm skin. When worn around the neck the effect is increased by cooling the carotid arteries.

Who should use it - and why
For people who venture out into the midday sun and want to stay cool - this cooling neck wrap will help you relax and enjoy your adventures
(out of stock)
(out of stock)
  • Cooling gel crystals
  • Stylish cotton print
  • Compact
  • Long lasting evaporative cooling system
  • Versatile

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