Silva Expedition 4 Compass

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The Silva Expedition 4 Compass is a fantastic navigational aid for people who demand high accuracy. The Expedition 4 uses millimetre and inch scales plus, it features Romer scales. The Expedition 4 includes a magnifier plus luminous markings on the plate and needle so the compass is easy to read even in diffecult light conditions. As recommended by Mountain Leader courses across the country and used by the military, the Expedition 4 compass is a SafariQuip favourite.


Who should use it - and why
Ideal for Mountain Leader candidates or for people who enjoy spending their time in remote regions where a compass and map is vital.
Silva Expedition 4 Compass
  • Sapphire jewel bearing for friction free movement of the compass needle
  • Durable hot-stamping of scales/graduations
  • Compass housing made from Dryflex
  • Built-in magnifier
  • Luminous stripe on the needle
  • Patented red/black orienting lines inside the compass housing
  • Map measuring scales mm, 1:50k, 1:40k and 1:25k
  • 5 year guarantee
  • DofE recommended

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