Shewee Wee Family Pack

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Shewee to the rescue with the Wee Family Pack! Do you dread long journeys with the family? Granny wants the loo, Peter's feeling sick and the traffic on the motorway is crawling along! Don't panic if there's no where to stop - just hand round the Wee Family Pack and carry on driving!

The Shewee Wee Family Pack contains:

Shewee: for the girls, is a reusable ergonomically designed, moulded plastic device that allows women of all ages to urinate while standing or sitting and without removing clothes. It comes in a hygienic resealable pouch and by holding the Shewee against the crotch directs urine away from the body. Designed at just under seven inches long, it is made with a smooth liquid repellent coating to ensure cleanliness and hygiene at all times, and whether Shewee is used with or without a container it prevents drips, splashes and bare bottoms.

Shewee Absorbent Pouch:  for use by men, boys, women & girls (with a Shewee). The Absorbent Pouch has a super-absorbent insert that converts the fluid into a secure biodegradable gel for safe disposal. They trap the fluid and remove any odours until a suitable place of disposal can be found.

QeeZee Sick Bag: for anyone who gets travel sick or has over endulged at lunch! The QeeZee is a sick bag with an absorbent anti-odour gel.  includes a lemon wipe for freshness.

Wet Wipes: hygienic and handy to clean up any mess!

Who should use it - and why
All the family can have relief quickly and easily.
Shewee Wee Family Pack
  • 1 x Shewee
  • 1 x Absorbent Pouch
  • 1 x QeeZee Sick Bag
  • 3 x Wet Wipes

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