Pacsafe 85

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Designed for multipurpose use, it will protect almost every type of backpack, soft sided wheeled luggage and duffel bag. Simply throw it around your pack, secure it to something fixed and get on with your adventure. It deters thieves from tampering or pilfering and enables you to lock your backpack to a fixed object when leaving it in a room or camping outdoors. Safeguards against slashing from knives and secures loose gear outside your pack. Made from Pacsafe eXomesh a lightweight, flexible high tensile stainless steel mesh.

Who should use it - and why
Great for almost any trip, the Pacsafe lets you secure your bag, taking a weight off your mind and letting you explore without a weight on your back!
Pacsafe 85
  • eXomesh protects your bag from slashing and stealing
  • Protects rucksacks, duffel's and wheeled luggage
  • Lets you lock your bag to an immovable object
  • Protects and secures loose gear
  • Comes with padlock, three keys and carry pouch
  • Capacity: 55 - 85 Litre bag
  • Weight: 580g

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