Lifeventure Thermal Mug

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These lightweight thermal mugs are perfect for those days when you need a drink, but not a massive one! The vacuum insulated walls will keep your drink hot or cold, and the sleek, watertight design will ensure easy stowage with no chance of leaks. 330ml capacity.



Use it every day for driving to work, part of the routine now so couldn't do without it. Keeps drink easily hot enough for a few hours. Good quality and a secure lid.

18/09/2015  *****
Brought matt black to replace an Aladdin all plastic drinks mug, as it states keeps boiling water very hot to the touch after 4+hrs (without optional SKU:76110 thermal jacket). Fits easliy into daysack side pocket with room to spare, plus spare lids and seal/s are readily available at reasonable cost. Great piece of kit, highly recommeded.
I've since ordered a 2nd in matt black, along with a thermal jacket to keep within daysack. Using other as daily drinks mug.


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