Lifesystems Sun-Active Formula 25

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Lifesystems Sun-Active Formula 25 offers high protection against UVA and UVB rays.  This sun lotion from Lifesystems gives your skin up to 25 times its natural protection against sun induced skin damage. This product is ideal for travellers and comes in a squeezy 200ml bottle, coupled with this, it also has an anti Jellyfish sting agent added to it which will protect you against most species of Jellyfish. The Lifesystems Sun Active 25 is also highly sweat and water resistant, making it one of the most developed sun lotions on the market today.



20/02/2014 *****
I was in South Africa and used this cream. I used it as suncream and sort of hoped about the anti-jellyfish. Then, whilst in the water, I brushed against something and then realised it was a jellyfish. I hate the things. A very mild burning sensation resulted but that was it! This Lifesystems stuff actually works.


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