Lifesystems HoopNet King Impregnated

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Suitable for kingsize beds. This homestyle net is easy to put up and will ensure a sound nights sleep away from the mosquitoes outside trying to drink your blood. This king-size bed mosquito net uses a spring-steel hooped spreader for greater volume and comfort and a single hanging point for putting up with minimal fuss. There is plenty of space inside the high strength and tear resistant net which uses  Ex-8 anti-mosquito treatment for extra protection against all the nasty little biting beasties.



14/11/2015  *****
I'll tell you whats really good about these - if you move about in your sleep to the edge of the mattress it's easy to end up touching the net where the critters can get you, especially with your feet I find. If its really hot and no sheet being used even more so. So the space around this one is really great for that. Also space to keep your water and books inside the net at night not on the mattress with you. I have a mattress on the floor where I holiday in indonesia just like in the photo and this net is ideal.

09/11/2015  ****
Bought 3 of these for use in a tropical country. Appear to be good quality with a very good adjustable hanging system (provided the ceiling over can accept a screw in hook). Plenty big enough to cover a king sized bed to the floor and a decent skirt around the bottom so should hopefully last a while. Just what I wanted.

31/07/2015  *****
Does the job really well

30/04/2015 *****
Hey this is by far the best and only mosquito net to buy, it is hanging over a queen size bed in Mexico in our palapa bedroom. Works excellent want to buy another one.


Who should use it - and why
Great for people who want extra space and comfort while maintaining reliable insect protection in their bedroom. A high specification king size bell net that's easy to put up.
Lifesystems HoopNet King Impregnated
  • Exceeds WHO netting spec. with 156 holes per square inch
  • Spreader hoop included
  • EX8 anti-mosquito treated
  • Treatment life is approximately 2 years or up to 20 washes
  • Weighs less than 800g
  • Packs into a stuff bag (supplied)
  • Size (approx): 12m circ. x 2.4m high
  • Size (packed): 10 high x 25 cm dia

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