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Using the same proven principles as the best selling original "Click!.... Don't Scratch". This one is designed by Lifesystems - just click about five times for instant relief. Stops itching and helps to reduce swelling caused by insect bites. Slightly bigger but lower price! (Not recommended for epileptic patients or those wearing a heart pacemaker).



03/08/2015 *****
I brought this and found that it worked really well, i sometimes had to use it a few more times than the instructions said but definately the best for bites and i would use this again on my travels for sure


Who should use it - and why
This little gadget should be part of a traveller’s essential kit. It soothes swelling, stops itching, contains no chemicals and only weighs a few grams!
Lifesystems Bite Relief Click
  • Instant insect bite treatment
  • Reduces swelling and stops itching
  • No batteries required
  • Treats over 1000 bites

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