Jack Wolfskin Safy II Wallet

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Whether you leave it in a hotel room, on a bus or are unfortunate enough to have it stolen, losing a wallet can be a real nightmare in any situation -guaranteed to ruin your trip. The Safy 2 is a wrist (or ankle) wallet that keeps your cash and cards attached to you, making it very difficult to lose or steal. Secured by velcro with a zip pocket the Safy will hold coins, cash, or keys and has a soft liner to prevent any chafing. Ideal for travel, especially if you are somewhere hot and like to dress minimally.

Jack Wolfskin
Who should use it - and why
Anyone concerned about losing their cash! Whether you are travelling, clubbing or wearing clothes with no pockets the Safy is a secure, comfy way to store cash, coins and keys.
Jack Wolfskin Safy II Wallet

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