Lowe Alpine Canyon Gloves Wms

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Lovely warm fleecy gloves! Lowe Alpine's Aleutian fleece is soft, quick drying and incredibly warm, perfect for winter weather. A thick furry trim and elasticated wrists help keep the warmth in and add that "aaaah" feel. A smart addition to prevent the perennial frustration of always losing one glove is that they have a neat clip to keep them together - you're much less likely to lose them if they stay as a pair.


Lowe Alpine
Who should use it - and why
For any woman who wants warm hands, these will do the job well, whether on a hill or in a city.
Colour Dark Peacock
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Colour Rosehip
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  • Aleutian fleece gloves
  • Women's specific fit
  • Box finger construction for improved fit
  • Soft and warm fabric
  • Quick drying
  • Elasticated wrists
  • Weight: 55grams