Lowe Alpine Dryflo Briefs 120 Wms

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Lowe Alpine's Dryflo Briefs 120 are designed for maximum comfort during activities and adventures!  Although natural fibres like silk and cotton feel great to begin with they hold moisture and can feel cold and clammy when, after activity, you stop to rest. Staying dry is the key to comfort and skin health for active people and for travelling. Lowe Alpine's Dryflo fabric with Cocona wicks moisture away and little to no moisture is absorbed in the fabric so that you never feel cold and clammy.  Dryflo is ideal as a base layer or as travel underwear because it's so easy to wash and dry. Dryflo baselayers also have a Microban anti-bacterial treatment which helps keep them fresh and prevents odour build-up. 

Lowe Alpine
Who should use it - and why
Active sports women and travellers who want a practical, comfortable brief.
Colour Black
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  • Lightweight and comfortable Dryflo fabric
  • High wicking performance base layer
  • Easy to wash
  • Quick drying
  • Microban anti-bacterial treatment

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