Fizan Trek Antishock Trekking Pole

Our Price

Entry level prices, but with an antishock and an extra-grippy handle, a great value pole from long-established Italian company Fizan. Comes with a bog basket to prevent it sinking into the mud and a rubber tip to stop it making that irritating clicking noise on hard surfaces.

Who should use it - and why
If you have back problems or not particularly strong wrists you should use an antishock pole, and this one gives you excellent build quality at a budget price.
Fizan Trek AS Pole, Blue

Features and specification

  • 3 section aluminium alloy pole
  • Length 67 - 140cm
  • Flexi lock system for easy adjustment
  • Antishock to reduce jarring
  • Grippy rubber handle
  • 50mm Bog Basket to prevent pole sinking into mud
  • Ultra-hardwearing carbide tip
  • Weight 235g

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