Pacsafe Walletsafe 300 Arm and Ankle Wallet

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The arm and ankle wallet allows you to keep your money under a shirt or trouser leg, out of sight from pickpockets and theives. The wallet has a main zipped compartment with an internal zip pocket for cards and notes and internal elastic mesh pocket  with headphone outlet for phones or mp3s so you can be a little more subtle when using your electronics. There is also an outer zipped coin compartment. The padded outer fabric and elastic strap ensure comfort and easy adjustment.

Who should use it - and why
Travellers wishing to keep their money out of reach from pickpockets, also ideal for runners who want to listen to music on the go and keep loose change safe.
Walletsafe 300 Arm and Ankle Wallet
  • 1 main zipped compartment with internal zip pocket and mesh pocket
  • 1 outer zipped compartment for coins
  • Headphone outlet for use with phone or mp3 player
  • Comfy padded elastic arm or ankle strap
  • Durable fabric with anti theft zips
  • Weight 65g

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