Pacsafe Cashsafe Travel Belt Wallet

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This secret money belt is the ideal way to keep high value notes safe and close - it also helps hold your trousers up! Travellers can be easy targets for pickpockets and thieves, precautions such as this nylon belt wallet can help prevent your cash from being stolen whilst abroad or in the city. The fully adjustable belt looks like an ordinary trouser belt, however it has a hidden zip compartment in which you can store spare notes, probably the last place a pickpocket would look! With a plastic buckle there is also no need to remove the belt at airport security so you won't attract unwanted attention.

Who should use it - and why
Perfect for travellers and holiday makers concerned with pickpocketing. This looks like an ordinary nylon belt but has a concealed zip pocket for securely carrying cash and coins.
Cashsafe Travel Belt Wallet
  • Trustworthy Pacsafe product
  • Long zippered compartment completely hidden on inside
  • Strong black nylon webbing
  • Unisex
  • Easy to adjust to correct length
  • 3cm wide to fit through most trouser belt loops
  • Adjustable length: 76cm(30inch) to 118cm(46inch)

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