Door guards and luggage locks will keep your possessions safer. They make it much harder for thieves to quickly and quietly get into your bags or room. In addition, they can help prevent items being added to your luggage when your attention is diverted.


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Eagle Creek TSA Mini Key Lock

The Eagle Creek TSA Mini Key Lock is a brass padlock with a set of two keys....


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Eagle Creek Cable TSA Lock

Small and versitile the TSA Cable Lock from Eagle Creek allows you to secure...


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Who should use it - and why
If you need to secure luggage or items and a normal palock won't work try this longer, flexible cable lock.

Pacsafe Retractasafe 100

A retractable plastic coated steel cable and combination lock ideal for...


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Eagle Creek Travel Safe Combination Lock

Travel Sentry certified (TSA) 3 dial combination lock in bright colours to...


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Pacsafe Wrapsafe

Another trustworthy Pacsafe product! Use this light and flexible but very...


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Lifeventure Security Travel Door Lock

A great travellers door guard gadget allowing you to relax even when staying...


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