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The Whiz Freedom is lily shaped for comfort and reliability, it  may cost a bit more but we think you're worth it - read on to find out why "every woman should have one"...... When nature calls at the most inconvenient moment or you really don't want to sit on that unclean public toilet seat, if you are camping, on a treking holiday or just out for an afternoon stroll in the countryside. The Whiz Freedom allows women to stand up and wee like a man! The soft feel, lily shaped funnel fits comfortably and securely against your body, it won't overflow, splash back or cause an embarrassing leak. With a little practise (and the right clothing) you'll even find it easy to go without the need to undress. Hygiene-wise the Whiz Freedom is impregnated with anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-microbial agents. It can be hand rinsed or even machine washed and used and re-used time and time again.

We recommend investing a little extra and buying an extension Connecting Tube - it fits onto the end of the Whiz Freedom and allows a better "aim". 

If you need to wee on the go (car or sleeper train compartment) or if your hotel room is not ensuite don't try to wait until morning, simply wee into a Relief Bag (available to buy seperately).

Who should use it - and why
Women walkers, backpackers, campers or staying in overnight sleeper compartments, budget hotels, at festivals, etc
Whiz Freedom
  • Soft and comfortable to use
  • Unique lily shape will not leak
  • Medical grade anti-bacterial thermoplastic
  • Can be folded or rolled to carry in a pocket or bag
  • Machine Washable

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