Lifeventure Universal Sink Plug

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Unromantic, unheralded and often forgotten, but this is one of the most useful things you can carry with you on a long trip, especially outside the Western world. Budget accommodation, whether hostel,campsite or even many hotels, will often have no plug in the sink and this one tiny but vital item will enable you to wash your clothes or yourself. It will fit pretty much any bath or sink yet take up only a tiny amount of space in your luggage and weigh next to nothing. Just press it down over the plughole and suction will seal it in place. A simple but essential piece of kit for the global traveller.

Who should use it - and why
Essential kit for the global traveller, especially if using budget accommodation.
  • Flexible rubber plug
  • Fits almost any bath or sink
  • Just press to seal
  • Lighweight, no bulk
  • 10cm dia.
  • 36g

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