Lifesystems Sterile Aid Kit

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The Lifesystems Sterile Aid Kit is a compact kit which contains a comprehensive series of sterile components that will guarantee you receive sterile treatment from a doctor, wherever in the world you find yourself. Light, and easy to store, this sterile kit brings peace-of-mind to the individual traveller, for any treatment they receive will be clean and safe.

Who should use it - and why
For travellers in remote or developing countries with patchy medical services.
Lifesystems Sterile Aid Kit
  • First Aid Primary Care Guide
  • Sterile info card
  • Vinyl Gloves
  • Antiseptic Cleansing Tissues
  • Disposable Needles & Syringes
  • Braided Suture
  • Wound Closure Strips
  • I.V. Cannula (Drip Needle)
  • Scalpel
  • Fabric Adhesive Dressings
  • Micropore Tape
  • Weighs approx. 185g
  • Size (approx): 140 x 80 x 50 mm

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