Lifesystems Dental First Aid Kit

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A first aid kit for your teeth! This compact Dental First Aid Kit from Lifesystems contains everything needed for the emergency treatment of teeth whilst off travelling. Ripstop fabric case and easy access, waterproof zips make this easy to use kit a must have for dental emergencies abroad. If you're brave enough to treat yourself,or if you have to have a friend do it, this kit will patch you up ready for another the dentist.

Who should use it - and why
Everything you need for that all important DIY dental work.
Lifesystems Dental First Aid Kit
  • First Aid Primary Care Guide
  • Dental Mirror
  • Dental Spatula
  • Temporary Filling Cement
  • Clove Oil (Bottle)
  • Cotton Wool Rolls
  • Sterile Syringe
  • Sterile Needle for Dental Anaesthetic
  • Dental Information Guide
  • Weighs approx. 100g

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