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Lifesystems Head Net Hat is a fantastic and useful accessory in areas where there are a lot of midges, mosquitos and other irritating small flying insects. The black ultra fine mesh is stitched onto a wide-rimmed pop-up hat, so is ready for use straight from its case. It is made of tough, multi-filament Tricot material and has a toggled drawcord around the rim.  The hat is lightweight weighing just 100g, dimensions 100 x 70 x 30mm.



14/07/2015 *****
We used our veiled hats for biking in the Highlands. We looked ridiculous, but were unbitten. By day they were good sunhats, so very good value and fewer hats to take on holiday. It would have been good to have an under-chin strap to keep the hats on as they are quite large for the smaller head and prone to getting blown off in a breeze.

03/07/2015 *****
Excellent Midge net with hat. Excellent online customer service. Highly recommended

22/05/2015 *****
A brilliant solution to the midge problem encountered while walking my dog near marshes. I might look strange but I'm not getting bitten!

Who should use it - and why
Anyone mossies and midges eat. Keeps insects out of your face and hair and saves the need to use a repellent on sensitive facial skin.
Lifesystems Head Net Hat

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