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Ideal for keeping clothing and gear clean and dry in wet or dusty conditions. Suitable for storing small items such as wallets, phones or passports right up to clothing and sleeping bags. The larger Dri-Store bags are ideal as daysack liners with better protection and much less weight than conventional PVC liners. The Dri-Store is fully waterproof with a roll top closure that compresses the air out of bag so it takes up the minimum amount of space in your daysack or luggage. Made from lightweight Cordura the fabric is much stronger than either it's weight or appearance suggests and so these are still going to be around long after the standard stuff sacks have disintegrated.

Who should use it - and why
Travellers, walkers, mountain bikers, basically anyone who wants to ensure small items are dry and easy to find in a rucksack or luggage.
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  • Fully waterproof, tough silconised Cordura fabric
  • Taped seams
  • Roll top buckle closure
  • Dimensions: 5l = 16 x 28cm, 10l = 19 x 35cm, 15l = 22 x 40cm, 25l =  26 x 47cm, 40l = 31 x 55cm
  • Weight: 5l = 39g, 10l = 44g, 15l = 58g, 25l = 65g, 40l = 80g

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