Lifeventure Vacuum Compression Sacks - Twin Pack

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Everyone likes a little more packing space when travelling, trekking or camping. Simply fill the durable vacuum sacks with your clothes or other soft items, seal using the fully waterproof zip, then remove all the air from the bag via a handy self sealing valve. Using this system reduces pack size by up to 66% and keeps your kit completely dry! These really are perfect for travellers especially when space is at a premium.

Who should use it - and why
Travellers, trekkers and campers who want to save space in their backpacks or luggage. Fully waterproof with up to 66% reduction in pack size.
Vacuum Compression Sacks - Twin Pack
  • Contains two durable, waterproof, compression sacks.
  • Sealed plastic zip.
  • Patented self sealing compression valve.
  • Pack size reduced by up to 66%.
  • Dimensions 510mm x 710mm.
  • Weight 78g each.

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