Lifeventure DriStore LocTop Bags, Valuables

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Lifeventures DriStore LocTop bags are a brilliant way to protect your valuables when travelling, walking, sailing or kayaking. Use them to keep passports, hotel bookings or plane tickets safe and dry whatever the situation. Waterproof to 10 metres and made from very durable triple polymer film these bags become airtight when sealed and won't leak. They are even touch screen compatible making them ideal for tablets and phones. The packs come with 3 different sizes for extra flexibility and are a popular alternative to traditional dry bags.

  • IPX8 rated - waterproof to 10 metres
  • Durable triple polymer film
  • Airtight press-to-lock seal
  • Touchscreen compatible
  • Duke of Edinburgh recommended
  • 3 sizes per pack
  • 102 x 178 mm x 1
  • 178 x 114 mm x 1
  • 152 x 279 mm x 1

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