Outdoor Designs Classic Shelter 2 Person

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Want to get out of the rain to eat your sandwiches but there’s no shelter around? Need an emergency bivouac? These tough waterproof, windproof shelters are just the job. Essential equipment for anyone taking groups out into the hills but also handy emergency gear for other walkers, they are made of polyester with windows and anti-condensation vents and are lightweight and reliable. They come with their own stuff sack (which is permanently attached to the shelter so that it doesn’t blow away!). Easy to get into, you just fold it over your head(s) and sit on the lower edge (on your rucksack if you want more insulation), then you can laugh at the weather..

Outdoor Designs
Who should use it - and why
Perfect for individuals or couples. The Outdoor Designs 2 person shelter is ideal for emergency use and bad weather rest stops.
Outdoor Designs Classic Shelter, 2 Person, Orange
  • Weight: 420g
  • 1 Vent
  • Polyester fabric.
  • Ideal for group and centre use
  • Supplied with stuff sack

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