Suunto A30 NH Compass

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If you are going into the wilder parts of the world then you may have to go a fair way on one bearing, which is where the long base plate on the A30 comes in. 8cm (9cm at a pinch) gives you 2km on a 1:25000 map and 4km on a 1:50000, which is plenty long enough even if you're navigating around the Cairngorm plateau. The luminous dial makes it usable even in the dark and the large magnifying glass is handy for those whose eyesight isn't all they would wish for. A declination scale makes it easy to read off the magnetic variation, wherever in the world you are. Finally the whole thing comes with Suunto's legendary quality and reliability. One of the essentials - this bit of kit could save your life! 

Who should use it - and why
The long base plate and luminous dial make this a good choice for mountaineers, hill walkers and orienteers
  • Quality damping to prevent needle wobbling
  • Long (8cm) base plate
  • Dial marked in 2 degree increments
  • Edge marked in cm and inches
  • Luminous dial
  • Magnifying glass
  • Clear markings
  • Declination scale
  • NH: balanced for northern hemisphere
  • Made in Finland

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