Suunto A10 NH Compass

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Suunto compasses are a byword in orienteering circles for their technical quality and reliability. The A10 is their simplest and most basic design, but the very simplicity makes it easy to use. The markings on both the dial and the edge are clear, and a 6cm base plate is adequate for most uses. This is 1.5km on an OS Outdoor Leisure Map - a long way to walk on one bearing on a UK hill. For somebody starting out this is the compass to get, basic and reliable.

Who should use it - and why
A simple but well made compass for hillwalkers, mountaineers and scout groups,
  • Fast needle dampening
  • Dial marked in 2 degree increments
  • Edge marked in cm and inches
  • 6cm base plate
  • Lined to match map grid
  • Made in Finland