Care Plus Pop Up Dome Mosquito Net

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Pop up your mosquito net - just pull it out of the bag and up it pops, its as simple as that! The dome is made from a fine mesh which protects you from biting insects whilst providing excellent ventilation. Superbly versatile this net can be used on top of a bed, in a tent or out of doors just on the ground.  The Pop Up Dome is built in so there are no separate poles to worry about.   For extra protection this net is treated with long lasting Durallin.

Care Plus
Who should use it - and why
A versatile, easy to set up mosquito net particularly suited to travellers. Can be used on the ground or on a bed. Needs no additional supports.
Care Plus Pop Up Dome Mosquito Net
  • Self supporting
  • Pops up in an instant
  • Durallin treated (lasts approx 3 years or 20 washes)
  • Storage bag included
  • 225 holes per square inch
  • Weight (approx): 700g
  • Packed (approx): 30cm dia x 5cm
  • Size (approx): 2.2m L  x 80cm W x 80cm H (maximum dome height)

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