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Not sure which mosquito net to buy? If you don't know what size bed you will be sleeping in or what will be available to support a mosquito net then the Care Plus Combi is your answer. It's a box shaped net which will comfortably fit over a double mattress but has multiple suspension points allowing a variety of hanging options. Obviously the box shape gives you more space and ventilation but this requires a minimum of four supports. If you can only support the net from two points then choose a tent or wedge shape. The Combi is a clever solution that can be kept and used wherever you travel. It's treated with long lasting Durallin - an insecticide which kills mosquitoes and is recommended for regions where there is a high Malaria risk.

Care Plus
Who should use it - and why
Travellers who want one versatile net to cope with every situation - the combi is a single or double box, tent or ridge net .
Care Plus Combi Mosquito Net
  • White mesh with 156 holes per square inch
  • Versatile hanging options
  • Impregnated with long lasting Durallin
  • Treatment life is approximately 3 years or 20 washes
  • Size: L2m x W1.8m x H1.8m
  • Packs into own compression stuff bag (supplied)
  • Packed size: 28cm length x 14cm dia (uncompressed)
  • Weight: 670g

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