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We're very fond of Polartec's Powerstretch fabric, it's a dense weave which is much warmer than most fleece but also less bulky, very stretchy and extremely hardwearing. These gloves are a great example - the stretchiness gives a neat fit, the close weave gives plenty of wind resistance and the inner fleece surface both traps air well and gives a nice soft feel. They aren't a waterproof glove but do retain heat well even when they get wet and do seem to keep out most of the water even in rain. Rab market them as a liner, and they will do that job if you're going to somewhere really cold, but most people will find themselves using them as an all round hill glove for cold days when it isn't chucking it down. They are smart enough for casual use as well as on the hill too.

Who should use it - and why
Warm and not bulky, you could use these as a warm liner glove for a trip to somewhere very cold but most will use them as a general outdoor glove.
Colour Black
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  • Polartec Powerstretch fabric
  • Great warmth for weight
  • Stretchy for a neat fit
  • Fleece lining
  • Wind resistant
  • Use as a liner or or on their own

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