Rab Mens Merino Plus 160 Gloves XL

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The last thing you want if you're being energetic in a cold place (ski-ing, winter climbing and mountaineering spring to mind) is for your inner clothing to stay damp, so a fast wicking base layer is a must. This is as true for your hands as your core, so this is where these gloves come in. The merino wool gives lots of warmth (even if it does get damp) while the Cocona (37.5) fibres wick amazingly fast. The merino is ethically sourced and the Cocona is made from the insides of coconut husks which would otherwise be thrown away, so a very green product too.

Who should use it - and why
Great low bulk warm inner gloves whose fast wicking qualities make them ideal for ski-ing and other cold weather activities.
Merino Plus 160 Gloves, Ebony, XL
  • Merino wool for warmth
  • Coconut (Cocona/37.5) for fast wicking
  • Very fast drying
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Low bulk

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