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Gloves made from coconut! Two grams of Cocona's carbonised coconut has the surface area of a football pitch so its ability to evaporate moisture is phenomenal. Blend this with merino wool for added warmth and a softer feel and you have a wonderfully comfortable, warm, lightweight and high-wicking fabric. This is ideal for inner gloves to go under ski or mountaineering gloves or for those who suffer from Reynaud's Syndrome (or just cold fingers). Alternatively, their stylish looks ensure that they work well on their own for those who just want a lightweight, warm, glove.

Who should use it - and why
Light, warm gloves, ideal as inner gloves for ski-ing, mountaineering or just walking in cold weather, but work well on their own too. The mix of Cocona and merino wool is high-wicking, warm and anti-bacterial.
Colour Black
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(out of stock)
  • Cocona fabric gives amazingly efficient evaporation
  • Merino wool for warmth and soft feel
  • Both fabrics are anti-bacterial so no smell even after prolonged heavy use
  • Very lightweight
  • Thin, so no reduction in finger dexterity, easy to manipulate equipment while wearing them
  • Ideal for skiers, mountaineers or just anyone suffering from cold fingers
  • Work as either inner gloves or on their own

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