Mountain Equipment Touch Screen Gloves

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These gloves are super versatile. The Powerstretch Pro fabric will keep you warm and comfortable on the hill, while still being thin enough to feel what you're doing and taking up very little space in a pocket or sack when you're not wearing them. They are plain black, with only a small logo on the cuff rather than a prominent brand name, so also work well as a smart casual glove. In both situations the touch screen compatible thumb and index finger is handy, so that you can use a phone or tablet without taking your gloves off. Low weight, low bulk, lots of warmth, just great!

The sizing is smallish, so you may take a size larger than for some brands.



Mountain Equipment
Who should use it - and why
Warm, comfortable, light, stretchy, no-fuss, gloves that are useful for absolutely anyone!
Colour Black
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  • Powerstretch Pro fabric
  • Warm, stretchy and wind-resistant
  • Touch screen compatible index finger and thumb (both hands)
  • Box finger construction
  • Double layer cuff

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