Rab Merino + 120 Pants

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In a cold winter good thermal leggings are worth their weight in gold, and ones made of merino wool will keep you warmer than most, as well as being naturally odour resistant. Where these Rab ones really score though is in a winter where you get big temperature fluctuations (i.e. most British ones). The addition of Cocona (basically coconut husk fibres with lots of microscopic holes in) makes them extremely fast wicking and enables them to cool you rapidly if you overheat. So they will keep you warm in cold temperatures and cool you if you get hot, exactly what you want. They may look just like ordinary base layer leggings but there's a very neat high tech idea in there!

Who should use it - and why
Ideal for anyone wanting to be active in situations where the temperature can vary a lot.
Colour Ebony
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  • 65% Merino wool for warmth
  • 35% Cocona ("37.%") for fast wicking
  • Naturally anti-bacterial
  • Excellent temperature control
  • Soft feel
  • Ethically sourced merino
  • Cocona is 100% recycled