Pacsafe RFiDsleeve 50 Blocking Passport Protector

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So much of your vital personal information is stored electronically these days, often on something that you carry around with you, on a credit card or passport for instance. This data can be accessed from a few metres away by anyone with an RFiD reader. Pacsafe's award winning RFiDsafe material prevents this, blocking out all frequencies between 10 MHz and 3GHz, these being the frequencies used by most e-passports, credit cards, key cards etc. Just slide your passport into the sleeve and your data is protected from identity theft (or just plain theft).



Who should use it - and why
A must for anyone passing through an airport, keep your personal data safe from being electronically accessed or stolen
  • Protects your data from being stolen
  • Sleeve fits UK passports
  • Blocks all frequencies between 10MHz and 3GHz
  • Minimal weight and bulk
  • 12.5cm x 10.8cm

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