Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Clean Dirty Cube

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When every gram counts and space is precious you can depend upon Eagle Creek to provide a solution. Their Specter range is ultra lightweight, extremely robust, dust and water resistant and takes up no extra room in your luggage. This Clean Dirty Cube also provides a clever way to keep used clothing away from your clean gear - It's got an internal divider to keep the smells and damp apart. Each side is easily accessable by means of a long, half-way around zip. Simple, practical and long lasting - you'll find this becomes a favourite piece of your holiday and travel kit.

Eagle Creek
Who should use it - and why
Organised, lightweight travellers - it weighs next to nothing and helps you organise your kit
  • Ultralightweight and packable.
  • Two sided - clean in one, dirty in the other.
  • Suitable for shirts, shorts, t-shirts, towels, etc.
  • Long curved zips allow easy access on both sides.
  • Water resistant.
  • Washable.
  • Quick grab handle.
  • Size: 24.8 x 35 x 10.5cm
  • Capacity: 14 litres
  • Weight: 68g

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