Exped Ultralite Fold Drybags

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Protect your clothing and gear from water and dirt and organise your kit with almost no extra weight. Whether it's small personal possesions or bulky sleeping bags and insulated clothing there is a size that suits. These super lightweight drybags are waterproof and surprisingly strong. The seams are taped, fabric coated inside and out and when the top is rolled three times and clipped you can be sure its watertight. The fabric is transluscent allowing you to recognise the contents without the need to open the bag. Mix and match with the other sizes and colours and with the Exped Zip Packs for a well organised adventure.

- Extra Extra Small takes phone, compact camera or paper tissues and toiletries - to name just a few!
- Use Extra Small for lightweight clothing and organising smaller items.
- The Small size will take heavier clothing or even a lightweight sleeping bag.
- This Medium sized Fold Drybag is great for most items of clothing and is just big enough to take a good 3 season down sleeping bag. 
- Large suits larger, bulkier items of clothing such as a fleece jackets or pullover.
- Extra Large is just the right size for a three season synthetic sleeping bag and perfect for storing your clothing whilst backpacking, travelling or camping. 

Who should use it - and why
Travellers, backpackers and campers who want to keep their clothing and sleeping bag dry without having extra weight or bulk.
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  • Waterproof
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Semi transparent fabric
  • Roll and Clip seal top
  • Volume approx: XXS = 1 litre, XS = 3 litre, S = 5 litre, M = 8 litre, L = 13 litre, XL = 22 litre.
  • Size approx: XXS = 16 x 14cm, XS = 21 x 14cm, S = 30 x 16cm, M = 35 x 18cm, L = 42 x 22cm, XL = 46 x 25cm.
  • Weight approx: XXS = 12g, XS = 19g, S = 24g, M = 28g, L = 34g, XL = 41g

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