Silica Gel Wrap Twinpack

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Simple but worth their weight in gold if you're carrying around expensive electronics such as a camera or tablet. These wraps of water-absorbing silica gel will wrap around your valuable electronics to protect them from getting damp when you're out and about. You can keep on using them over and over again by simply warming them on a radiator. They come in packs of two, one is big enough to protect a compact camera, while two would wrap around an SLR or slip either side of a small tablet. As a bonus they come packed in a water resistant touch screen compatible sealable pouch.

Who should use it - and why
Spot on for anyone taking a camera travelling or out on a hill. Keep your electronic kit dry.
  • Twin pack of silica gel wraps
  • 20 x 14 cm
  • Reactivate on a warm radiator
  • One fits a compact camera
  • Two wrap around an SLR or protect a small tablet
  • Comes in waterproof sealable touch screen pouch

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