Lifesystems EX-4 Insect Treatment for Fabrics

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The Lifesystems EX-4 Insect Treatment for Fabrics is a tried and tested permethrin based insecticide treatment to protect you and your kit from biting insects and also build up of harmful bacteria. Simply spray the treatment onto fabric or textile and it adds a protective layer to the fibres of the fabric that will withstand several washes. Great for use on items such as tents, blankets, sleeping bags and mosquito nets. Comes in a 350ml pump spray bottle.



15/10/2015 *****
Very effective. Sprayed clothes and left to hang for a few hours. No mosquitoes bothered us.

05/10/2015 ****
Bought this to keep chiggers away in Brazil. Seemed to do the trick when sprayed on boots and trousers. No one in my group was bitten, so would recommend it.


Who should use it - and why
EX4 is a really good idea if you’re in a malarial area. It allows you to treat your clothes, tent, rucksack and mosquito net, providing that much more protection.
EX-4 Insect Repellent Treatment for Fabrics
  • Insect protection for fabrics
  • Treats approximately 7 square metres of fabric
  • Proven effectiveness
  • Active ingredient: Permethrin
  • Size: 350ml
  • Weight 400g

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