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A stretchy skirt with adjustable length? Yes - and insect repellency and sun protection too! Craghoppers have designed this skirt with women travellers in mind. Roll the waist band up for the beach then easily slip down again to cover your knees when modesty is required. No buttons, no zip - easy to slip on and adjust but, because its so stretchy, its a secure and comfortable fit. Thoughtful designers have also included a secure and well hidden pocket sewn inside the waistband - just large enough for a credit card and some currency, small enough to be comfortable and remain hidden. As well as being oh so comfortable, the Tafari Skirt looks stylish and is easy to colour co-ordinate with your favourite tops. Finally - it doesn't need much looking after, easy to wash, quick drying and doesn't require ironing. What more could a woman ask for?


Who should use it - and why
Feminine travellers who want pretty clothes without inconvenience.
Colour Ashen Mist
Wms Size
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  • Superbly comfortable stretch jersey
  • Roll over waistband for adjustable length
  • Hidden security pocket
  • NosiLife permanent insect protection
  • Solarshield UPF40+ sun protection
  • Easycare and easywear
  • Lightweight and packable

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