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"Zap" the bitten area for instant relief from insect bites or stings. Too good to be true? No! We've tested this wonderful gadget on ourselves and on a variety of insect victims - it really does work. Click over the affected area several times until symptoms ease, can be used every few hours, non-allergic formula, no chemicals and safe for children over 4 years. The tiny piezo-electric shock stops itching and reduces swelling. No expiry date! No battery required! Tiny enough to carry in a pocket or purse. Treats up to 1000 bites effectively! (Not recommended for epileptic patients or those wearing a heart pacemaker).

Colour in stock:  Blue/green (no lanyard supplied)

Ecobrands Ltd
Who should use it - and why
This little gadget should be part of a traveller’s essential kit. It soothes swelling, stops itching, contains no chemicals and only weighs a few grams!
Zap It! - blue/green
  • Instant insect bite treatment
  • Reduces swelling and stops itching
  • No batteries required
  • Treats up to 1000 bites

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