Care Plus Venimex Venom Extractor

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Emergency treament for venomous bites and stings. Care Plus Venimex is an automatic venom extractor which allows you to remove the venom of poisonous bites (spiders and snakes) and stings (bees, wasps, scorpions, stinging fish) quickly and easily. This small, pocket sized device can be used single-handed so is ideal for lone travellers. It comes with two sizes of suction cups and can be used on small fingers and awkward places. Easy to use and with comprehensive instructions.

If possible, seek medical attention immediately for snakebite and other serious cases.

Care Plus
Who should use it - and why
Walkers and adventurers who may be bitten or stung by venomous insects or reptiles - keep handy for emergency treatment.
Care Plus Venimex Venom Extractor
  • Suitable for use on all ages
  • 803 mbar High Suction
  • Includes 2 Suction Caps
  • Can by operated by one hand
  • Size: 60 x 45 x 155mm
  • Weight: 145g

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