Mosquito Milk Tropical Strength Insect Repellent Roll On

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Combining DEET plus plant oils makes this insect repellent pleasant to use, smell nice and highly effective against mozzies and other biting insects.  Mosquito Milk is made with extracts of plant oils such as geranium (a long standing, proven insect repellent) and contains just 20% DEET.  This combination works wonders against mosquitoes, sand flies, ticks and even Scottish midges (plus most other biting insects).  Easy to use in its unique roller ball dispenser - simply roll on a small amount to exposed skin.  It smells and feels fresh and you'll find that it lasts longer than many other repellents so its very economical too.  Suitable for use on children over three years old.

This product is one which is constantly sold on recommendation, it was unavailable in the UK for a while and we had many disappointed customers - we're glad to welcome it back onto our shelves! 

Mosquito Milk
Who should use it - and why
This effective repellent has the added advantage of natural oils which smell and feel fresh. Mosquito milk is suitable for children over 3 years.
Mosquito Milk
  • 20% DEET
  • Smells and feels fresh
  • Roller ball dispenser
  • Plant oils such as geranium
  • Size: 50ml

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