Lifesystems Expedition 50 PLUS Insect Repellent Spray

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Dual action insect repellent combining highly effective DEET (50%) plus the insecticidal properties of natural oils to stop insects that land on your skin from biting. Protection for up to 10 hours. 100ml pump spray.



17/06/2015  *****
Received my order promptly and efficiently. The repellent smelled much more pleasant than any other I've tried in the past and seemed to work as i wasn't bitten at all - although it was a Mediterranean country I was visiting and not a tropical country so cannot comment on effectiveness in those conditions.

15/06/2015  ****
I used to be badly affected by mosquito bites but have used Expedition for more than 10 years now and since then have only had the occasional bite which has not been severe even in Borneo. You do need to be careful when applying to your face and also wash your hands thoroughly afterwards but I never go on holiday without it now.

02/06/2015 *****
It works. Excellent product if you don't want to be bitten, Malaria isn't the only problem. We have used it for years. Applying DEET first thing before dressing and allowing it to dry helps to prevent well known problems due to contact with clothing etc.


Who should use it - and why
This effective repellent has the added advantage of natural oils to prevent insects that have landed on you from biting. The Expedition 50+ is ideal for high-risk areas of the globe.
  • 50% DEET
  • Approximately 10 hours protection
  • Robust metal container
  • Natural oils prevent insects biting
  • Size: 100ml

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