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The inner surface of Source drinks tubes is 1000% smoother than similar tubes and this, together with its "Grunge-Guard" technology, prevents bacteria getting a hold and turning your tube into a botanic garden if you don't use it for a while. If you already have a water bottle you like but want to marry it to a Source tube to take advantage of this then the Convertatube comes with three alternative tops to fit the main brands on the market. A very neat idea.... and of course you can always change over to a Source bottle once you discover that the technology works!

Who should use it - and why
Converts your existing plastic water bladder into a hydration system and resists build up of bacteria.
  • Self cleaning drinks tube with valve
  • Converts a bottle into a hydration system
  • Three different tops to fit the main brands' bottles.
  • Easy to fit and operate
  • Tough plastic - resists both freezing and boiling!
  • Taste free

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